Using the atSDK with Dart

Some very simple example of using the atSDK to get a feel for what it offers and create building blocks for your larger projects.

What and why Dart ?

Dart is an opensource project from Google offering a fast and multi-platform programming language. The atPlatform team choose Dart as a high level language to build proof of concept code but Drat proved to be a fast and reliable language to build on and as we needed features like being able to compile to executables, the Dart team delivered.

At this point we have ported the atSDK to other languages, like Java and Python the Dart atSDK is a great place to start.

Get Dart

Dart is available at for Windows, Linux, macOS, download and follow the instructions to install Dart. You can program in the IDE of your choice, but we can recommend VS Code as it has excellent support for Dart, download install VS Code then install the Dart extension.

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