A unique identifier which serves as the address of the atServer

What is an atSign?

An atSign (e.g. @alice) is simply a resolvable address for an atServer. Anything can have an atSign, a person, entity, or thing (IoT), even individual songs or videos could have atSign addresses.

What's it used for?

An atSign is used to protect and securely exchange information with other atSigns without any chance of surveillance, impersonation, or theft of the information by anyone.

What characters can be used in an atSign?

An atSign supports any combination of Unicode UTF-8 characters that are translated to UTF-7 and must have less than characters 55 characters in length. This provides an enormous name space of 10^224 atSigns.

How do I get an atSign?

Head to the registrar site. It is recommended that you login with your email. One email can hold up to 10 free atSigns and unlimited paid atSigns.

How do I generate my associated cryptographic keys?

There are multiple ways to generate the associated .atKeys file for an atSign. Within applications the .atKeys are stored in encrypted keychains that the OS provides. Using the command line .atKeys files are produced and put in the directory ~/.atsign/keys.

Most applications have a way to export the .atkeys to a file if you need to keep them safe or use them on another device.

You can purchase custom atSigns from the registrar site.

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