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Learn how the Flutter SDK works



The atPlatform uses secret keys for authenticating an atSign as a cryptographically secure replacement for usernames and passwords. To make developers’ lives easier, atPlatform offers the at_onboarding_flutter package, which handles secure management of secret keys. If you are developing a new atPlatform app, we recommend that you use at_app, which can create an atPlatform app template that already contains onboarding in it.


Before using the onboarding widget, ensure that your AtClientPreference is properly assigned. If you need an appAPIKey please email us at: support@atsign.com

  context: context,
  config: AtOnboardingConfig(
          atClientPreference: atClientPreference,
          domain: AtEnv.rootDomain,
          rootEnvironment: AtEnv.rootEnvironment,
          appAPIKey: AtEnv.appApiKey,
  onboard: (value, atsign) {
     _logger.finer('Successfully onboarded $atsign');
  onError: (error) {
     _logger.severe('Onboarding throws $error error');
  child: const Text('Onboard an atSign'),