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Ssh! No Ports

SSH to a remote linux device without it having any open ports

Set up the Client

Run the client on your machine.

./sshnp --from <@your_manager_atsign> --to <@your_devices_atsign> --host <example.com>  -l --local-port --device <iot_device_name>

(Or run the dart file via dart run)

dart run bin/sshnp.dart <args|flags>

See the options & flags available for the client binary:

–key-file-kfalseSending atSign’s atKeys file if not in ~/.atsign/keys/
–from-ftrueSending atSign
–to-ttrueSend a notification to this atSign
–device-dfalseSend a notification to this device“default”
–host-htrueFQDN Hostname e.g. example.com or IP address to connect back to
–port-pfalseTCP port to connect back to22
–local-port-lfalseReverse ssh port to listen on, on your local machine2222
–ssh-public-key-sfalsePublic key file from ~/.ssh to be appended to authorized_hosts on the remote devicefalse
–[no-]verbose-vMore logging