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Ssh! No Ports

SSH to a remote linux device without it having any open ports


SSH No Ports provides a way to ssh to a remote linux host/device without that device having any open ports (not even port 22). All network connectivity is out bound and there is no need to know the IP address the device has been given. As long as the device has an IP address, DNS and Internet access, you will be able to connect to it.

See our GitHub repository and demo video for more information.

Demo video:


  1. Prepare two atSigns and ensure you have both of their .atKeys files. If you’ve done this, skip to step 3.
  2. If you don’t have two atSigns (free or paid), go to atsign.com. Once you’ve purchased two atSigns be sure to activate them on the dashboard by pressing the “Click to activate” button on each atSign dropdown. Then you will have to onboard these atSigns by downloading one of our apps and onboard the atSign via our at_onboarding_flutter widget. This will generate your .atKeys file for you. Save this .atKeys file to the machine you are working on. One of these atSigns wil be the “manager” atSign working on the client-side and the other atSign will be the “device” atSign working in the remote device.
  3. Download the binaries here. Ssh! No ports comes with two binary files. One binary (sshnpd) is the daemon that runs on the remote linux host/device, while the other binary (sshnp) runs on the client that is connecting to the device via ssh. *It is also possible to run the source code via dart run.