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Setup dess on a Raspberry Pi

Activation of atSign

Next up we need to activate it

Login to your dashboard at atsign.com/dashboard

Open “my atSigns”

Open “managed” of atSign you are registering”

Navigate to Advance settings:

If you have already activated your atSign you will be prompted to erase all your data first

Once done you are able to link your atSign with your private dess. Use your domain and port number with which you have created service on your cloud instance and press Activate.

You should see that your atSign is being activated in your dashboard:

This can take several minutes so go get cup of coffee, some tea maybe, stretch your body and pray you haven’t made any mistakes!

Once the activation process completes you are welcomed by green Activated.

You can now open @buzz or atmospherePro and register your atSign via QR code and generate your keys!