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atDude Tutorial

Learn how to build production app on the atPlatform

Getting Started

In this tutorial, we will be using VS Code, but feel free to use any editor of your choice.

To get started, open your terminal and cd to the folder where you want to start this project. Type the following in your terminal:

dart pub global activate at_app

The above command will allow you to run the at_app scripts from the command line when you are not currently inside a package.

Next, let’s create our atDude Flutter project by running the command below:

at_app create . --project-name "at_dude"

This command will create a Flutter project with the necessary packages required to build on the atPlatform.

Run your project with the below command to see the default app.

flutter run -d < your android or ios device >

If successful, you should see the default atPlatform Flutter app.

In the next step, we’ll implement the MVC+S architecture pattern in our app.