Add end-to-end security to your IoT devices with the atPlatform.

What is IoT?

IoT–Internet of Things–is a system of interconnecting devices, mechanical or electronic, that are designed to work together to provide a service, such as the transmission of information, or the control of a device.

In simple terms, an IoT device is any device (such as a camera, a smart phone, a thermostat, a TV, a computer, etc) that is connected to the internet. IoT devices have sensors that are always collecting data and sending it through the Internet. However, these data are usually precious data that are valuable to the owner. For example, a person may own a camera connected to the internet which is constantly surveilling the living room of their house. It is important that outside parties have no access to this data and that the data the camera is collecting is sent securely over the internet. This is where the atPlatform comes in. The atPlatform adds security to this IoT camera device and sends the data securely to whomever the owner chooses.

As said on our website, the atPlatform strips things down to the protocol level, creating both zero trust and zero configuration environments–completely without passwords–eliminating all attack surfaces created by over-complexity, and simplifying the administration of devices in the process.

IoT Network Architecture

Ssh! No Ports

Ssh! No ports is a perfect demonstration of how the atPlatform is adding end-to-end security to your IoT devices.

Want to ssh to your remote (IoT or non-IoT) device without it having any open ports?

See our Ssh! No Ports tutorial:

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Here at Atsign, we believe in a world where IoT devices have atSigns and send their data end-to-end-encrypted to other atSigns. We’d love to work with you on adding security to your IoT devices. Please contact us at or join our discord and ask us about anything and we will be happy to answer!