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Learn how the Java SDK works



There are two requirements for developing with at_java on your machine.

  1. Java 8 or higher
  2. Maven
  3. A code editor, see getting started with Java

Compile JAR

If you’d like to use at_java as a dependency, you can compile at_java into a JAR by following the instructions below:

  1. cd at_client to be in the at_client directory.
  2. mvn install
  3. JAR file created in target/ named similarly to client-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
  4. If you run into dependency issues, you may need to add the dependencies used by the at_java. Look in at_client/pom.xml and copy everything within the <dependencies></dependencies> tags and paste that in your pom.xml that you have in your Java project.

Maven Dependency

Under construction

Cloning the Client

If you’d like to make contributions or edit the client yourself, make a form of the repository by heading to the repository and clicking “Fork” to fork the repository on your own GitHub account.

Once forked, you can make changes to your own fork version of the repository.

Get it on your local machine by doing the following (. is the directory you want to clone the repository in; in this case, we are cloning it in our current directory so be sure to cd into the directory you want the repository in):

git clone https://github.com/<YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME>/at_java.git .