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Learn how the Flutter SDK works


Our Dart/Flutter SDK takes full advantage of the atProtocol and implements all the necessary features like encryption key generation, cram & pkam authentication, verb building, end-to-end encrypted data sharing, encrypting self data, and much more.

What’s Covered

This is where you can quickly learn and update yourself on various atPlatform concepts.

If you haven’t already, we recommend you head to Get Started Flutter Development first.

The following is covered in this codelab:

  • Onboarding - process of activating an atSign and/or authenticating the atSign into its secondary server.
  • AtClientPreference - object used to configure preferences in your atPlatform application such as the namespace, hiveStoragePath, and maxDataSize.
  • AtClientManager - an object with various services such the Client, the NotificationService, and the SyncService.
  • Key Basics - learn how keys are stored in the atServer and how to manipulate them.

Other Services

Our atPlatform has a lot to offer for Dart/Flutter developers.

  • at_widgets - Flutter widgets for using various aspects of the atPlatform
  • at_demos - collection of demo applications to help you on your atPlatform journey
  • at_app - command-line utility for atPlatform developers
  • at_tools - other atPlatform tools (at_cli, at_cram, at_pkam,…)

Explore our GitHub page atsign-foundation to see more of our amazing projects and tools.

Our Dart/Flutter packages are available on our pub.dev page.


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Reach out to us on our Discord or by email - info@atsign.com

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